Olive Oil Beefalo

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Each box includes good mix of olive-oil finished steak, roast, stew, ground & soup bones

Urban Share – $275 for 20-pound mixed-cut box

Cowboy Share – $485 for a 40-pound mixed-cut box

Holy Cow! Share – FALL SPECIAL $795 for an 80-pound mixed-box. Includes a TOMAHAWK STEAK!

Olive-Oil Beefalo Tomahawk Steak – Dinner doesn’t get any better than this!
Beefalo on our farm enjoying the weather in the wonderful & beautiful Temecula Valley!

A HUGE THANK YOU! To Cougar Vineyards and Winery in Temecula, CA for supporting our local “olive oil” beef project.

It was so much fun to see the owner Rick personally operating the olive oil press. The olives are picked fresh, on-site and loaded into the hopper. After a generous amount have made their way through the machine the magic begins. A thin stream of raw, golden olive oil pours out into a small container.

…But, out the other side, a mass of purple paste is pushed out into a waste bin. Although the leftovers smell so incredibly delicious, like the freshest olive oil, grassy with a hint of butter…the tannins make those raw lees too bitter to be palatable (yes, I tried it!) The cattle won’t eat it, not without help…

Inspired by the Japanese ethic of mottainai, “to waste nothing” Masaki Ishii オリーブ牛情報サイト developed a process drying and roasting the olive oil lees into a malty, irresistible treat for his small herd of Wagyu cattle. In this process, with such time and care, a waste product becomes the secret ingredient to the worlds most luxurious & expensive beef.

The roasted olive oil lees are fed to our beefalo as part of a 75 day specialized finishing diet which also includes some corn-soaked olive oil, milk, molasses & whiskey mash.

Why add bison genetics to your herd?

-Exceptional quality meat- Beefalo claims the prize of “Best Grass-fed Steak in America” more years than “standard” breeds. The coveted American Royal Steak Competition judges steaks on flavor and texture.

-Longer Reproductive Lifespan, over twice that of regular taurine cattle

-Exceptional maternal instincts

-High conception rates, excellent milk production and quality

-Ease of calving/small birth weight yet…

–Rapidly growing calves don’t need hormones or grain for exceptional gain

-Disease resistant

-Tolerant of extreme heat and cold

-Requires up to 40% less cost to produce vs. traditional breeds (for those with access to grazing)

Beefalo is very healthy! According to the USDA beefalo has:

-Superior vitamin levels vs. regular beef

-Nearly 1/3 less cholesterol vs. regular beef

-79% less fat vs. regular beef

-66% less calories vs. regular beef

More information can be found on the ABA website:


Stay tuned for updates on Cody as well as news regarding local beef shares

The above photo was taken December 4th 2020. Look how much Cody has grown! He is about seven months old now 🙂

Shares available now! Reserve yours before they are gone!

Please contact us to reserve or get on the waiting list for your share of locally raised, speciality finished Beefalo, Turkey & Pork.

We have recently opened the farm back up for tours for those purchasing Beefalo shares. Please contact us for more information.

Contact us: extraordinaryingredients@gmail.com