Thanksgiving Turkeys 2022

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Have you ever had a truly extraordinary turkey? We have just a few left for Thanksgiving 2022!

Hens $110ea

Toms $125ea

Even the ”fresh” turkeys at the grocery store can be legally sold as ”fresh” provided they are kept at or above 26 degrees (last time I checked water freezes at 32!) the constant freeze/thaw that occurs on the outside of the bird when kept at 26 causes more damage to the cell structure (and over flavor/juiciness) than simply purchasing a frozen turkey. Most people have never really tried a genuinely fresh turkey regardless of what the label might suggest. WOW! What a difference! Our turkeys are processed within 1-3 days of pickup, air-chilled and stored at 36 degrees and are TRUELY FRESH!

I’m going to be honest. I am absolutely obsessed with turkeys. I love and can’t get enough of their curiosity, sweet disposition and jolly nature. Our turkeys are always happy and never have a bad day! They are the jesters of the farm and their charm and clumsiness often has me rolling laughing. They chirp a friendly “hello” whenever they see me and follow us everywhere around the farm. I have to be careful to watch my feet as they want to be in the middle of whatever I am doing. They are kept in a large run/flight pen and allowed to graze five acres when under supervision. We include lots of greens in their daily ration and finish them on a speciality diet.

Live hens weigh about 9 pounds and finish around 6. Toms typically have a live weight of about 12 pounds and finish around 8-8.5. A hen is recommended for a family of 4 and a tom for a family of 6. The price includes processing & air chilling.

Contact us now to reserve an extraordinary Turkey for the Holidays!

Turkeys are so sweet! This one would rather cuddle and take a nap on my lap than graze!

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